<hero description="In the vast world of Ruxomar, our heroes are together, forming a group of pirates. After the sudden ending of the world of Ruxomar, the Pirates go into space to explore and find a new place to call home. " imagename="" cropposition="" />


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Welcome to the Pirate RP Wikia Below shows what this place is about, who participates in the Roleplay, Photos created by them, and other bits.

What is this place?Edit

PirateRP, otherwise known as FreedomRP, is a roleplay that consists of 6 roleplayers in all. Each of us has multiple characters with a variety of personalities. Together, in the vast world of Ruxomar, our heroes form a crew of pirates. It lasted for a while, but eventually, many of them separated and went on their own path. After ten years, they all seemed to reconnect. The main area of interest that they all seem to come to is Lena's home. Some of the members ended up having children, which are now important in the crew's lives. Mysteries continue as problems slowly start to rise, and as Jeremy remains in the mental institute, haunted by a certain person who loves to see him in pain. The crew intends to find Jeremy and save him. But how long will it take before it's too late?

Rp Summary

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Roleplayer ListEdit

Lenalenaleanelanelanelnalne CQmpeg-UEAAboOd Nisha oooo Skipper OH NO 4 (5)
DawnLeafex0x0 Greencat98 Nisha Rtq18
Toys thing-0 Zesteria
Toy Zest

Rp Art

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Matoy is an emo lil bro what an emo
Cat is a citty kitty ciaiiaiiaiait CAT nt the tractor thing
Zestly lemos memos wooopopop
Dawnleafxoxo name thinger thing not tiff

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